Ok, so this isn't the most profound of posts, but when we moved here, we signed up for DVR. You know, this is actually one of the most brilliant inventions EVER - I think. It allows you to be where you need to be WHEN you need to be there, without missing your favorite shows. I don't know how many football games Keola's recorded already. Do you know how LOOOONG football games are? They take over the whole day! I especially hate it when Keola watches 3 games at once. I can never keep up, or watch what I want. NOW, when he has spare time, he sits down, skims through them and is done with them in no time. I'm horrible at knowing when my shows are on, so I just set up the DVR to record the series and voila! They show up in the DVR and I can watch them whenever - commercial free! I can turn off the TV all day, give my 100% to Noweo, and then have my me time when she's napping or down for the night. It's like I have control over time or something - which is TOTALLY handy if you have a life, which I think most of us do. So yes. I am thankful for DVR.