7 funky things about Noweo

1) Noweo only knows how to roll over on her right side. I can put her on the left edge of the bed and not worry about her falling. (I never do that of course). 2) Noweo hasn't figured out how to go from sitting to laying down, so if I leave her sitting up and she doesn't like it, she will cry and cry and cry until I lie her down. Sitting up is the new tummy time.

3) Noweo's discovered how to blow. Unfortunately it's VERY wet air.

4) She must be an expert in anatomy because she knows just where to find that soft skin under my arm and pinch it.

5) She always seems more interested in whatever's behind her, so she's constantly twisting around and craning her neck to see.

6) When Noweo's sitting and decides she wants to suck on her hands, she'll bring her face down to her hands instead of her hands to her face - essentially folding herself in half.

7) I'll let her show you herself: