Dear Nōweo, Last night I put you down to sleep in bed. I almost always put you down still awake and let you fall asleep yourself. You're really good at that.

Ten minutes later I went to check on you, and you had managed to shimmy yourself around so your feet were at the head of the bed, and your head was at the foot of the bed. You craned your neck to look at me and gave me a big "Mommy-look-what-I-can-do!" grin.

Honeybee, you're on the brink of discovering that your feet can take you places - WILL take you places. Right now they're spinning you in circles, but I will teach you to use them. Just don't run away too soon once you've got it all figured out. And REMEMBER that if you don't know where to go, you can ALWAYS let your feet lead you back home.