Mondays are laundry day.

Usually I wash and dry a load, and fold it while I wash and dry the next load.

I do 3 loads: Lights, darks, and baby.

Yesterday however, I decided to wash and dry EVERYTHING before I started folding.

Here is the end result:

A GIGANTIC pile of clothes. YAY.

I just COULDN'T pass up this photo op:

She quickly got tired of lying on a pile of lumpy clothes.

So Nōweo and I folded, and folded, and you guessed it...folded.

Well, it was mostly me. She helped a little.

And I sang her "Three Little Birds." Because it's true.

She smiled.

Then cried because she wanted me to hold her. And I obliged

See? Happy again :)

That night, we headed over to the grandparents's to celebrate my Mom's 25th birthday for the 20-something time.

I framed this picture of her and Nōweo. It was the first time she held her after we got back from the hospital.

(She held her at the hospital but I didn't get a picture)

And she would probably be very upset if she saw that I posted this picture of her blowing out the candles,

but she doesn't read my blog so I can do whatever the heck I want.

And even if she did read my blog, I would still post it.

So if you ever read this Mom, no I'm not taking this picture down.

Good times :)