baby wearing weirdo

A couple Saturdays ago we decided to seek shelter from the sweltering heat at the mall. Keola hadn't cut his hair in months and he was starting to look like Shaggy in Scoobydoo, so it was time for some snip-snip. Since we're moving soon, we decided that we'd rather carry her than buy one of those bulky and expensive travel systems (we don't even have an infant carseat anyway) until we get to wherever it is we're going.

So I carry Nōweo in my Sleepy Wrap and Keola carries her in his Baby Bjorn (which she is unfortunately almost too fat for). I must say though, that since giving birth I rarely see people wearing their babies and I have NEVER seen another soul wearing a wrap.

Anyway, back to the mall. You know how you can tell when people are looking at you without having to look at them? Well we were drawing stares from EVERYONE. Some people talked about us loud enough to hear: "Hey look at that kid. She looks like she's sitting in a kangaroo pouch." I pretend not to notice.

After a while of walking around, Keola says "Have you noticed how many people are staring at us?" I nod and tell him I just ignore everyone because whether they're smiling or puzzling over what the heck that is, I don't appreciate being gawked at.

I think baby wearing for the most part is quite convenient. I don't need to struggle to maneuver a big travel system, my hands are free (how many people do you see pushing an empty stroller while their arms are full of baby?), I can go ANYWHERE with her (stairs, rough terrain, etc.) I don't need to bring along an extra blanket because she's basically swaddled in the wrap, and I can just leave it on and take her out and put her in as I please. I can easily change her position to make her more confortable, and she has a birds' eye view of everything I'm seeing.

There are some drawbacks however, the first being that this thing looks absolutely ridiculous when your baby isn't in it, it's hard to eat while wearing your baby (yeah...I've dropped food in her hair on more than one occasion), and it really does feel like you're pregnant again so you have to make sure you don't accidentally run into things and bump your baby.

Still, I prefer the feeling of my little one snuggled up against me sleeping or exploring the word from 4 feet off the ground. I like instantly knowing that she's ok. We all like to be out and about, and there are tons of options for getting baby from point A to point B and everywhere in between. For the time being, wearing my baby in her Sleepy Wrap is my baby-transporting-gizmo of choice, despite the fact that people look at me like I'm wearing a ball gown at the beach. How do you like to get your little bambino around?