Well, so much for my goal to post at least once a day. We're back from vacation now, but it doesn't mean life is back to normal. In fact, I feel quite like doing this:

or this

and Keola and I usually look like this:


Because we're moving.

Where to? I HAVE NO IDEA.








Okay not Zimbabwe...but that's how much we don't know where we're going.

Here's what I know.

We're going to be Utah in August for my sisters' wedding.

By the time we leave (in about a month), we may not know about a job Keola applied to in Oregon.

So do we buy a return ticket?

Or do we just camp out with family on the mainland and wait for word?

What do we do with all our stuff?

Do you know how much it costs to fly from Hawaii to the Mainland? TWICE?

More than I want to afford. TWICE.

So I'm packing move...somewhere...

so...I think I'm justified in doing this:

and maybe a little of this:

oh hair's falling out on its' own. nevermind.

So if I'm a tad MIA, you know why.