a bedsharing tip

When we first came home and had Nōweo in bed with us, we suffered a string of messy accidents where we were constantly washing our bedding. I won't go into any detail here. Needless to say it was a pain. It was taking the joy out of sharing our bed with our little one and I didn't want each night to be filled with the anxiety of what mess I'd have to clean up next. So this is what we did to combat the problem: 1) Get a mattress protector. We had one already but it's worth mentioning. I think ours costed $11 at Walmart
2) Take a good sized fairly thick baby blanket and fold it in half. Place it wherever baby is going to sleep. Lie baby on top of blanket. Ours takes up about 1/3 of our queen sized bed. The thickness should be enough to keep any diaper leaks from reaching your bedding - unless it's an outright disaster.
3) Get a burp cloth or two and place it under baby's head to catch spit up and drool.
My baby sleeps under the covers with us, so when I make the bed in the morning (if I make the bed in the morning,) and assuming her blanket is clean, I simply replace the old burp cloth with a fresh one and pull the comforter over her blanket. At night I turn down the covers and her little sleep area is ready to go.
During the daytime, I do the same thing with a different blanket on top of the covers in case she ends up napping on the bed.
It works great because if she makes a midnight mess all I have to do is grab a new blanket and burp cloth and wash the soiled one with the next load. It saves me time and the fuss of doing an extra load to wash our bedding. Easy!