the only thing predictable about a baby is...


Yesterday: Honeybee (which is what I call her...don't ask me how I got that just sorta popped out) and I go for her two week doctor's appointment. I have some other errands I want to run, but I'm cautious about keeping her out too long. She's in a good mood after her appointment so I pay the rent, buy some diaper rash cream (which isn't and then decide to pay a surprise visit to Keola at work, which he LOVED! All in all, we were gone from the house for almost 4 WHOLE HOURS! She slept almost the entire time. Suffice it to say, yesterday was a great experience for a new mom venturing out of the house.


Well...maybe I'm overreacting a little...

This week is the week of appointments. Pediatrician, midwife, wic, foodstamps (yeah...we're poor. donations welcome :) blah blah blah. And to each of these appointments, I must drag my poor honeybee.

So today was WIC. I get there on time...wait for 15 minutes (go figure). Bee's doing fine. I'm seen by this one lady who updates all our health info, then she sends me back out to the waiting room to wait for the nutritionist. So I'm waiting, chatting with this cute lady with this cute baby, when Bee starts to fuss, and when she fusses, she's either gassy, or about to blow her bottom off. It was the latter. An atomic bomb, that got ALL OVER her wrap and her clothes, but fortunately not on me. I'm sitting there praying that it doesn't leak, but I can smell it, so I rush to the bathroom, and sure enough, it's everywhere. I change her as quickly as I can, and even though she's on her blanket, she HATES the changing table. She starts screaming. There are only a few times where she's screamed like that, and all of them have been in unfamiliar places (like when she left my womb, her first car ride, her first doctor's appt, etc.) I think it's her way of christening new places because she only cries the first time. Anyway, when she screams like that, she usually finds solace in food. So after I got her all cleaned up, she starts crying because she's hungry. This isn't the same scream but I certainly know what it means. I'm not completely comfortable breast feeding in public, but Bee's even less comfortable than I am plus I have my nursing cover, but I wait, hoping that the nutritionist calls me soon and we can get out of there. FINALLY he calls me, but he moves soooooo slow! I keep thinking...can't he see my baby is upset and move this along a little faster? But no. So I decide Bee can't wait any longer and needs to eat. Fussed around with my clothes (*gag*) and got her latched on. Silence. Being able to calm your baby after being so upset is like God patting you on the back. It feels sooooo good! Rather than pull her off after seeing the nutritionist, I just hold her still attached and walk her out of the office. I retreat as quickly as I can to the car, where we hop into the back seat and breathe a sigh of relief. Bee won't let me go until she's good an ready, so we sit and cuddle and I call Keola and blab to him about my morning. We were only gone for about an hour or so, but it felt like AGES.

Leftover spaghetti, a tall glass of milk and a good nap later, and I feel much better. Nōweo's as happy as can be, curled up asleep on my lap as I type this. What a crazy morning.

Moral of the story: Take life as it comes. minute. by. minute. and love it.