ode to exercise balls

Yesterday, we rediscovered the benefits of the exercise ball. We first bought it because it's nice to have during pregnancy. There are several exercises you can do to relieve back pain (especially during labor...so I hear. I didn't have time to use it), and help move the baby down the birth canal. I loved hanging out on this thing during the last weeks of pregnancy, but be careful because it can make your butt hurt after a while.

Until yesterday, we had it deflated because we figured we weren't going to use it for a while, but I remembered hearing that it's really calming to bounce on it while holding your baby. I liked the idea of letting the ball bounce the baby and me not having to exert extra energy to bounce her with my arms. Yes I know there are products that will bounce your baby for you without having to hold the baby, but I enjoy holding her and have the luxury of time to do so, so I don't mind.

ANYWAY, I just want to say, that it pretty much works like a charm. Nōweo was pretty fussy yesterday and this ball knocked her out.

Soooooo, I'm adding baby-putter-to-sleeper to the rather long list of benefits to the exercise ball.

P.S. I DO plan to exercise with it...eventually...