master birano...can you say that? like dOctor?

Well, a chapter in our lives has once again come to a close.
Isn't that what life is?
Things ending and other things beginning?

This weekend Keola's time a student as come to an end...for now.
He graduated with a Master's in Counseling Psychology.

For a guy who statistically isn't supposed to make it to college, that's pretty dang good.
that makes me EXTRA proud.

What makes me even happier is that HE knows he deserves it,
HE knows that people value his opinion
HE knows that he can make valuable contributions to our world.

THAT education is truly priceless.

He used to think he wasn't worth anything. was a happy day.
a very happy day.

I don't know where Nōweo is at this point...getting passed around between the tutu's and the kupuna...
yeah yeah...I'm a horrible mother.