tHe WaItInG gAmE

Well, I'm now 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant and ready to POP. Everyone in R.S. thinks I'm gonna go into labor any day now because I'm carrying so low, but I'm not so sure. This girl I follow on Youtube just had her baby and she was due April 7. That's promising since I'm due April 9, but everyone's different and if it's one thing I've learned about pregnancy, it's that the weeks go by so fast. April 9th will be here and gone before long. I have no impressions on when my girl will be here, and my body seems perfectly content to let this pregnancy go on forever.

Being preggo (especially this far along) is like having a battle between the mind and the body. My mind expects my body to do what it used to be able to do, and my body disagrees. For example...trying to run away from Keola during a tickle fight involves a really fast duck waddle. I get mercy points for being cute :)

In short, even though I walk like a penguin and might be excited to have my little girl in my arms and my flat tummy back, I will miss her little (or big) kicks and rolls no matter how bruised my ribs get. I'll miss how she sticks her butt out when I put my hand on my belly. I'll miss how she dances when I blast the radio in the car. I'll miss her hiccups that make little earthquakes in my belly. I'll miss being this close to her.

Pregnancy is an amazing adventure that I will miss, but I have a feeling that motherhood will be even more amazing and it will never end.