no one tells you the pain starts before labor

I was telling my husband today that I really feel like my pregnancy has kicked it up a knotch, like it's tipping the scale between kinda pregnant and
Still, ok...I'm only at week 32, but this weekend I felt like my pelvis took a beating.
Basically, it hurts to
put on pants,
basically do anything that requires my legs.
I've been getting sciatic pain over the last few weeks, but this is by far the worst, most enduring body ache that I've experienced.
I feel like my pelvic bone is bruised on the inside.
Not fun.
I don't think I'll be going anywhere any time soon. Hopefully it's just Nōweo's position and sheʻll move somewhere else and give me some relief. I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms. I think theyʻre much better suited to carrying her than my pelvic bone.
Hereʻs what I think Iʻm meant to learn from this:
That pregnancy is a journey that has twists and turns.
We must learn to be flexible,
and submissive
to whatever
comes our way.
Hey...wait a minute...
that sounds like parenthood in general.
doesnʻt it?