the greatest pain killer

Yesterday my hubby and I attending part 2 of our 2 part natural birth intensive class. Taught by a doula, this (in my opinion) has been the best thing we've done so far to prepare for Nōweo's birth.
I learned so much about myself and what my needs are going to be during labor.
For example: I learned that I really REALLY need my husband's touch.
It is a WONDERFUL pain killer and floods my body with oxytocin.
I can literally FEEL it.
I learned this because we did an exercise where we hold ice for as long as a typical contraction
about a minute, just to gauge our body's response to pain
it's definitely a learning experience.
Certain things may helpful in coping with the pain
a visual focus
someone talking to you
this is what I learned REALLY helps me:
closed eyes
and my husband
we did the ice activity while trying different comfort measures
when our teacher finally asked our partners to touch us
whether it was through massage, holding, back rubbing
my husband asked me what i wanted him to do. I said
"Do what comes naturally."
So he just put his hands on my shoulders, buried his head in my neck and
breathed - slowly and deeply.
I leaned my head on his and synchronized my breath with his
He didn't say anything, but this is he was telling me:
You're not alone
I'm here
This is our daughter
And I am present to help you help her into this world.
There is no place I'd rather be
I love you.
Consumed by love, I was no longer aware of my hand.
or the pain.
and i cried
well...i teared up...
it was too intimate a moment to talk about at the time,
which i would've had to do if the class had seen.
in short, i feel soooo soooo safe
and Nōweo is going to LOVE her dad
because i do.