The Day After Christmas

Walking down Hukilau beach shoreline with my t-shirt protecting my fragile ego. I glance at the ocean and hoped no eyes would observe the dark lines of my stretch marks and the shape of my pear like body. It's amazing what a few dozen pounds can do to ones self-esteem. There is no need for me to worry about finding my future love because that ship had already sailed. So why do I worry about strangers whose opinion is worth less than the penny on the bottom of my backpack pocket. On lookers probably don't care whether or not I'm fit or that I hang over my surf shorts. The only person that cares is me. My wife, serving as my white knight, protects me with her self assuring smile. With her comfort, I dive into the cool ocean water with my shirt off and engulf myself in the utter joy of swimming in mother nature. Oh, how I love to swim and lose all my senses to the taste, touch and smell of Hukilau. This is one of many reasons why I would love to live in Laie, my place of solace.