tOo eArLy fOr ChRiStMaS??

So if you're reading this you've seen my Christmas themed blog background. Maybe you're rolling your eyes thinking that it's too early for Christmas stuff. I am certainly usually the first the criticize the commercialization of Christmas, especially when I walk into Walmart and see Christmas stuff before Halloween, but this year...


We booked our tickets for O'ahu and we're having a baby moon at the Ala Moana hotel for a couple nights. We stayed there once and it was SUPER nice plus close to everything, and there's a special Kamaʻāina rate of $79 a night! That's dirt cheap for a hotel like that. Then we're heading up to Lāʻie to spend Christmas with the family. I get to meet a new little cousin who should be born while we're there. In a way, I'm looking at this Christmas as baby's first even though baby won't really be experiencing anything. At least it my belly....

In other news, we're going in for our 20 week ultrasound TOMORROW! That is Wednesday, November 18. I can't believe how fast this month has flown by, but it really has and I'm so glad because I thought this day would never come. I am now half way done (phew!) and we'll hopefully find out the sex. Some people say wait till it's born, but I NEED TO KNOW. We're looking forward to what is sure to be a great bonding experience for Mommy, Daddy and Twix.

Yesterday Keola felt the baby move for the most time. It was a little kick, and then I'm pretty sure the baby started hiccuping. It felt just like what I've been reading online the hiccups should feel like, so I'm pretty sure that's what it was. We could feel that too from the outside.... sooo cute!

All in all, I feel like pregnancy is really picking up now. I've got an ultrasound tomorrow, a midwife appointment on Wednesday, and then we'll have family over for Thanksgiving so they'll get to see my progress. I'm starting to show more. Someone actually told me "I didn't know you were pregnant!" And I said "How did you know?" And she said "Cuz I can see!" That made me feel good. Let's hope the second half goes faster than the first half!