a DaY wItH a CoOl oLd LaDy

One bright sunny day this past summer, we decided to take Grandma out for a trip to Lahaina.

We took a walk on the boardwalk and let the wind blow through our hair

Went to lush and looked at lotion that looked more like food...I was surprised and delighted. if you live on O'ahu it's at ala moana by the foodcourt. Check it out. it's one of my fav places and I am so jealous of you!) Their stuff ROCKS! especially the bath bombs. seriously. your skin has never felt so soft!

...and we exfoliated...yes, all of us (grandma needed a little nudge but she was pleasantly surprised at how soft it made her hands)....

....then we went to a burger joint for lunch. Seriously. whose mouth is THAT big?

...guess that answers that question! (just joking...that was my onion ring burger, but I've never seen grandma open her mouth that wide before)

It was a lovely day in a lovely place with lovely people!