fInaLlY oN YoUtUbE + bAbY UpDaTeS

So if you're on Facebook, you probably already know that I had my first ultrasound last Friday and got to hear the baby's hearbeat. It was MARVELOUS. Words can't describe the feeling of hearing another little heartbeat inside of you and you just know that there's a life in there that's depending on you and you alone. It's mind-boggling to think that this little heart is going to beat throughout this person's life, and that this person is going to be born and have experiences and do things and that I'm going to have the closest of relationships with this person. It's amazing. Like I mentioned we had an ultrasound, and these are the pics we got:

The second one of Twix is my fav. You can really see the whole body really well. It was waving its' arms and squirming around. Beautiful! I can't wait to meet him/her.

I need to comment on my experience so far in Waimea. After finding out I was pregnant and having it confirmed, the nurse told me about the options that I had being on Quest (which is the government insurance). Everything is free which is nice, but there aren't a whole lot of OBs that are practicing in Hilo. 3 to be exact, so ALL the Quest patience see them. One of them is REALLY good (he delivered my brothers), but the wait to see him is REALLY long. One is really junk, and the other is so so. She also told me about Waimea, that the women's center is run by a team of midwives that are all really knowledgeable. They have all the technology and medications that would normally be available in any other hospital, plus their birthing center is top knotch. They have whirlpool tubs, large rooms to walk around in while you're in labor and so on plus they're very supportive of natural birth, which is what I want for the baby. The only problem is that it's an hour away. Well, we weighed the pros and cons, and figured out that our schedules could handle the drive, so we decided to go with Waimea. I LOVE IT THERE. Everyone is so nice, it's all women (which makes me more comfortable. All the Hilo OBs were men) and we didn't have to wait at all for our appointment. So far so good. I'm really so relieved that we've finally seen a midwife and we can finally get the ball rolling on appointments and preparing for the baby.

Finally, I started a Youtube vlog. I thought it'd be cool to record myself talking about Twix so we could look back on it later. Check out my channel if you're bored: pregnantinparadise. I'll post them up on the blog too.