i sWeAr iT's BiGgEr tHaN ThAt

Ok so you mommies are gonna laugh at me, but it's just amazing how something so TINY can be so DISRUPTIVE! I swear it's bigger than what it is. I've had a pretty smooth first 9 weeks, but just in the last couple days I've noticed my digestive system slow WAAAAY DOOOOWWWN. I swear I've still got last night's dinner in my stomach, and it's almost lunch time the next day. Gross. I feel so heavy and weighed down. Plus this morning I work up with a sore throat, and I think because my throat is swollen it's really hard to take my pre-natals. I managed to get one pill down, but the other one I take is large jelly-ish pill and it's just not happening. I keep throwing it up. So I was cruising online trying to find an image of what a 9 week old fetus looks like, and yeah....it's itty bitty but man it's throwing me out of whack! It's so exciting though to see how quickly it's developing.
I read a blog the other day where the mom decided to give her baby a name until she figured out the gender so she could actually call it something besides "baby." I'm thinking of doing the same thing...she named hers "Nugget." I don' t know about nugget...i associate that with bowel movements....and baby is definitely not a bowel movement. Any suggestions?