aDdiCtEd tO YoU TuBe

Well this week I've been kind of under the weather. My sore throat has developed into a cough, so I've been trying to drink a lot of fluid and eat oranges and stuff and rest, but it's still persisting and it's Thursday now...but I don't think a cough is anything to really start worrying about, especially because I think it's starting to get better. I've been having these gagging coughs that are annoying but luckily I have Keola to take care of me. He's been so wonderful as usual.

This week, since I've been home a lot wasting time instead of doing homework, I've started to watch youtube vlogs (video blogs) of pregnant women. They usually update once a week and it's a nice way to keep a visual record of your pregnancy, so I think I might start doing that. I have this idea that it'll make the time go by faster. Plus I think it'll be cool for baby to see what I was like at this time, and also to remind myself what I was like at this time. I think it's in some ways more effective than writing because there's just so much more you can learn about someone by watching them. So look out for that. We'll see if I can be consistent with it.

So Keola and I had a big discussion about what to name the baby while we're waiting to find out what it's gonna be, and Keola likes the candy bar (which sounds eerily like twins but I just try to block it out). It also reminds me of the word "betwixt" which means "neither being one nor the other". Of course the baby's sex is already determined, but we don't know what it is right? So Twix it is!