tHe MoMmy BaNdwAgoN

Wow what a crazy roller-coaster week this has been. I found out on Tuesday that I am PREGNANT! It's a really funny story so I need to write it down so I remember. What better place than Blogger right?

So anyway, I was feeling kinda sick while we were on Maui. Plus I was late, but just a few days. I'm known to be as much as 2 weeks late so I didn't really think anything of it but my body was doing funky things and I didn't quite feel like myself. So when we got back to Hilo, my plan was to wait at least a couple more weeks before I tested, but Keola couldn't wait. He actually wanted to go get a pregnancy test on Sunday because he didn't want to wait all day Monday while he was at work. I told him he could wait one more day, so I went and bought a pregnancy test on Monday and took it when he came home from work. Two lines means you're pregnant, and there was one dark line, and one really super light line that I didn't even notice at first. So I thought I wasn't pregnant and that my period was just being weird again. Seriously, the line was SOOO LIGHT. Keola noticed it first and for the longest time we were both just staring at it, trying to compare it to the other test to see if it was one of those things where you can see a line anyway but if you're pregnant it's darker. I was feeling kinda down at first, but when Keola saw that second line I had a glimmer of hope. (Not that we were trying or anything but I always get a little disappointed every month when AF comes along). I told Keola that I would wait a week and see what happened.

Well that didn't happen. I read online later that day that if you take a urine test in the middle of the day, especially after you eat or drink something, the food can dilute your urine, making it difficult or impossible to read the result. It's better to take it in the morning when you pee is "untainted. "So Tuesday morning, Keola made me take the second test. That line was MUCH darker. I guess the website I read was right.

So bottom line is, Keola and I are going to become parents this April and I just have so much on my mind but nothing at the same time. It's so hard to explain and I'm sure you mommies know exactly how I feel. There are just so many things to learn but this week I've gotten a glimpse of how much Heavenly Father is ready and willing to help. This year, school is paid for ENTIRELY. Keola got really good scholarships, PLUS a full tuition waiver so we're actually pocketing all our scholarship money. We have more money this year than we've ever had. I just can't help but think that the extra help is coming at just the right time. The Lord really does give you just when you need just when you need it. I feel grateful, nervous, happy, scared, and everything in between all at once. But mostly I'm tired (I've been sleeping quite a lot lately) so this is gonna have to be it for now. Good night!