Hello friends! Sorry I've been MIA for just about all of summer. I've been SOOOO INCREDIBLY BUSY. It really hasn't felt like summer for me, besides the ton of summer movies I've had to watch (not complaining) because of my husband the movie buff. Needless to say, I have a little catching up to do.

This summer appears to be the summer of BRUCE (aka 'Ekolu because he's Bruce III...and 'ekolu means 3....), my oldest brother who likes to remind me that I'm older than him. As you all know, he just graduated from high school and on June 10, we had his Eagle Scout ceremony. I think this can describes him well. I can't say how proud I am of him. He's so cool and I'm proud to be his big sis.

Our family:

if you don't remember what his project was from a few posts back, here are some pics:

He installed these benches:
He had to drill into the concrete and weld the bolts down. It was quite a job, but he had a lot of people helping.

And he installed these bike racks. For that he had to dig a hole, set the bike racks (making sure they're straight) and pour concrete in the hole with the bike racks. And look! Someone put a bike there! (It wasn't staged I swear)
Aren't my cousins cute??!!

So congrats again Bruce! Our family is growing up so fast! Bruce will be leaving on his mission early next year so I'm really excited for that too. We only have one minor left in the house and he's growing like a weed. Brandon will be a FROSH at Kamehameha and all the girls are crazy about him which is so weird because he's my little bro. I guess it's only natural...only when I was going through my boy crazy phase, I more or less kept it to myself.