the duck pond

A couple of Sundays ago, we decided to have a picnic at my FAVORITE park after church because it was SO HOT (yay! summer's here!) and since we couldn't swim, at least we could be outside. When I was growing up, I remember calling it "The Duck Park." Mom used to take us here for picnics all the time and we would feed the ducks old bread from Loves. I discovered that they really like salt and vinegar chips too (hmmm....that sounds good right now) Well it's real name is Wailoa it's only in recent years that I realize how truly BEAUTIFUL and unique this place is.

Here's some of our duck friends. I think I almost made one of them choke on a soda cracker...but he managed to get it down. The dark one was the really bold one. He walks right up to you if he thinks your eating and are feeling generous. The white one just kinda follows the other one around like he's embarrassed that his buddy is begging for food. Eh, no shame!

There were A LOT of people fishing that day. Looked like fun...although I have no idea what kind of fish are swimming in there. I personally have never seen anyone catch a fish from that river.

Stepping onto the sky

I used to love riding up and down these bridges on my bike...slightly dangerous, but sooo fun!

I love trees! I want big shady trees at my house one first...trees later...

One of my favorite things about Hilo is how many pretty parks it has. I think that's a prerequisite for wherever I end up living.