ok...so i don't think i'm gonna do that other website thingy. At least not right now...it turned out to be more work than I'm willing to do so now I have to update you guys on what's been going on the last week or so.

Keola got an internship at Kamehameha last Wednesday which is AWESOME. He's really excited to work over there. It seems like there's a really good support system there, and he'll make some really good connections. He's gonna be working with the high school students in the counseling center over there. Here's a pic of his snazy outfit that we bought for him on Saturday from Macy's. Ok so it's not the best picture...trust me. He looked awesome in person.
We were lucky enough to meet a friend of mine who works in the men's department who hooked him up with all the right measurements and stuff which I have NO idea how to do. Gotta look your best right? I guess it worked cuz they LOVED him. I was really worried because he was gone for 3 hours. Who has an interview for 3 hours? I guess if you want to work at Kamehameha you better be prepared for a long haul. I figured he got the gig though because if you don't like someone, it shouldn't take you 3 hours to figure that out right? So in my mind, he either got the internship or he totaled the car and couldn't call to tell me. Luckily it was the former.

So tonight and tomorrow night we're staying with my parents because our house is getting fumigated. Boo. I'm so sad. We had to bag up ALL our food into these non-gas permeable bags that the pest control company gave us. Whatever didn't fight in the bags we had to put in the car and take to Mom and Dad's. Again. Boo. We'll be here until Thursday afternoon...hopefully. It may take longer to get back home which would really suck. It's the last week of school too, so we're kinda BUSY. This is like..the WORST week for our place to get fumigated. Oh well. It'll all be over soon.