RaNdoM mIdNiGhT tHoUgTs

> So it's about 1:00am and I can't sleep because I fell asleep around
> 9:30 and then Keola woke me up when he came to bed so I'm just
> sitting here twiddling my thumbs wondering what I could do that
> might make me fall asleep. so I decided to blog from my iPod since
> I'm too lazy to lug out the computer. this entry's probably gonna be
> boring for you all because it's late and I just feel like venting
> about a few things.
> first of all, I have a stye! you know that ugly, swollen mosquito
> bite looking thing that you sometimes get on your eye lid? yeah. I
> could feel that my eye was a little tender this morning and it
> stayed small all day at school (luckily) but when I got home for
> some reason it just exploded. I hope it doesn't last too long. at
> least it's the weekend and I'm married so I don't have to impress
> anyone. I love being ugly and still being loved.
> so I'm contemplating creating my own website and moving my blog
> there. I know there aren't many of you who read this thing, but one
> of the benefits of blogger is that we're all connected online and
> can find each other. the only reason I want to move my blog is
> because a friend of mine gave me a free copy if ilife '09. If you
> don't use a mac, you're missing out on iLife's awesome features.
> It's basically a suite of software that manages all your multi-media
> stuff for example, iPhoto (manages your photo collection by events,
> places, and faces.) it actually detects faces, you put a name to the
> face and then it recognizes that person in other pictures. so if i
> wanted to find all the pictures of say...my neice Anela, I just go
> to faces and click on her face and all the pictures I tagged as her
> will appear. WONDERFUL!
> so anyway, iLife has another application called iWeb that allows you
> to create awesome looking websites and I really love it because it
> looks AMAZING and it's EASY. adding pics and movies is as simple a
> drag and drop. plus I don't have to be online to blog. the only
> thing is that it costs money to launch it. If you know me well, you
> know I don't like to spend money. I'm debating to see if it would be
> worth my while. The biggest perk is online storage but that's about
> it...if I really knew a lot of people were gonna look at it then
> maybe... what do you guys think?
> anyway, it's been fun rambling. thanks for humoring me and reading
> this far. night night sleep tight!