drab to fab

If you're a poor apartment dweller like me, you live in a bland white box with blinds. Ugghhh! :( I watch too much HGTV to allow myself to live in such a dull place. Of course, we're also on a budget, so there's not a whole lot we can do to spruce the place up. The place we're living now is SOOO MUCH NICER than an any other apartment we've had in Hawai'i.

Minus the happy football player (I got this jersey for Keola on our first christmas together after we got married) this is pretty much what our first apartment looked like. It was a small matchbox of a place and boy was it GHETTO! Seriously...nowhere to go but up

Well, we moved up in the world - up to Provo, Utah to be exact, where we enjoyed such simple things like carpet, a stove and oven, a dishwasher (never had that EVER in my whole life. We didn't even know how to use it) and a living room. We thought we were living the high life in our one-bedroom apartment. Here's what it looked like on a messy day...(unfortunately that's the only picture I have of it)

Then we moved to what we affectionately call "The Cave" in Hilo. It was partially underground...sort of. Anyway, it was always dark in there because light just couldn't get in. So we were freezing our butts off for the 7 months that we lived there. Apparently I have pics of everything BUT the living room. Hmmm...

I think I took these when we moved in, but it didn't get much better than that.

Now we're in a new place closer to UHH which is EXACTLY what we wanted. The best part about this apartment (besides the fact that it has carpet again...yay!) is that we have our own washer and dryer IN our closet. Can we say heaven??? No more cashing 20s for rolls of quarters. This is bliss. However, it's still a white box with blinds (that can't be removed...grrr). So anyway, I was feeling a little depressed about our color-less situation last week and decided to add a dash of color to our ugly black walmart bookshelves by gluing fabric to the back like so:

So here it is before...obviously nothing special but Keola liked it.

So I took everything off the shelves - which made my living room a MESS, but it was a short mess because then I took this fabric:

and put it on the back of my bookshelf so it looked like this:

Then I put everything back on the shelf so it looked like this:

Then I did the whole thing to my other shelf, but you get the idea. Now every time I look at my shelves, I'm just happy. Sure Keola didn't catch my vision, but even he admits it looks better now.