would you let your dog eat your ice cream?

Well apparently some people would. Buggs and I went to Blanes for dinner tonight, and when we left we were parked right next to this lady who was sitting in her car with a ice cream cone and she had a little chihuahua sitting in the passengers' seat LICKING her ice cream. I heard once that dog's mouths are actually cleaner than humans....I don't quite agree with that...my mouth is never anywhere near my butt...or anyone else's... I only wish I could've taken a picture of this classic moment for all to see, but that would've been a little too obvious. I think the lady already saw us staring.

On a side note, today my car received a gift from the heavens that was NOT rain. It must've happened in the morning because at 1:50 pm when I got in my car to go to class, it was CAKED ON. I should've taken a picture of that too, but my immediate thought was to douse it with washer fluid because it was green and gross and right in front of me. Of course it's not raining the day some bird decides to turn my car into a toilet. YUCK!