bad hair days

I have been DYING to cut and flat iron my hair for the longest time, but for some reason, my hair is thinning out so I'm scared to do anything extreme to it. I've been "natural" for several months now (pretty much ever since we left Utah because let's face it - humidity is a style killer) and there is only ONE product I trust to straighten my hair. It's called Beyond the Zone Turn up the Heat. I discovered this at Sally's in Utah. It's SUPER cheap - like $6 and it works WONDERS on my hair. Problem is, there is no Sally's in Hawaii and as far as I know, no other salons in Hawaii carry it, and if I wanted to order it online, shipping is a whopping $15!!! That totally ruins my excitement over the cheap $6 price and the Pākē in me comes out. I refuse to pay that much even to have the hair style I love. If anyone sees this in the islands, PLEASE let me know so I can pick some up and safely revert back to my sleeker self.