Practice Photoshoot: The Sorte Family

You all know I enjoy taking pictures….of my kids. The other week I decided to take it to the next level and see what it would be like to photograph other people. Like I’ve said before, there’s no better way to learn than to just get your hands dirty and DO IT. Yikes! Scary. So I put out an offer on Facebook for free photoshoots so I could get some experience and practice. I got some responses and got to work! First up, the Sorte family.

At first, it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did. It was raining AND there was an event happening at the location we had decided on, so we quickly moved to another location and crossed our fingers that the rain would let up for a little while. I didn’t want to give up because 1) This was my first shoot! It would put a major wrench in my motivation if my FIRST SHOOT was a complete bust, and 2) They drove pretty far to meet me and even though the shoot was free, it still sucks to get all dressed up, get your kids all dressed up, drive for 45 minutes only to have to turn around and go back home. Talk about a waste of gas. We decided we’d just get together and do what we could. The boys were getting tired so we didn’t have much time, but lo and behold, it stopped raining for 40 minutes and it was nice and overcast. Yay! We spent that time walking around, wrangling kids, snapping photos and chatting.

I’m sure I looked like a complete rookie because I certainly felt like it. There’s a certain awkwardness that comes with taking pictures of people, even if they want you to take pictures of them. That’s something that I’ll have to learn to get over. I also need to work on giving direction. I like to keep it as un-posed as possible, so I struggled with manually focusing a constantly moving target and making sure my settings were correct, but I think we got some good shots.

My goal in taking pictures is to capture the love between family members, and then capture a family (especially a family with small children) as they are, right this second. They change so quickly. Things change so quickly. We forget so easily. As a parent we desperately want to remember those little things so we constantly snap pictures, but despite all our picture-snapping we don’t get to participate in the memory and we don’t get to be in the photo either. I hope I gave this family a chance to make some memories together that they’ll remember forever. Thanks Sorte family for being such troopers. What an adventure!


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