on the move

Yup. We’re moving. Again.
But this is a good thing, and it’s not right away, and it’s not very far.
I’d been meaning to do posts on our current apartment and what we’re doing to it, but I’ve kind of lost my feeling for this place because soon after we moved in, my grandma called to tell me that the upstairs tenants of their house were planning to move to Oʻahu, and would we like to live there? We didn’t decide right away, because our past on Maui tells us that there are pros and cons to living with family (as much as we love Grandma). But this isn’t even close to the same situation, so we felt comfortable with agreeing to live there. Since Grandma’s husband passed away, we feel it even more important that she have family nearby (she lives downstairs). Having extra support after baby comes will be nice too, even if it’s just good company.
This works out really well for us too, because we get a LARGE 2 bed, 2 bath space completely separate from downstairs. The living room is about the size of our entire apartment. The kitchen has amazing counter space. I’m so excited for that! There’s a double oven, a large hanging microwave, a fridge that’s basically new (and larger than the one we currently have), ceiling fans, a large balcony porch with wonderful breezes (perfect for end of pregnancy big-ness in the middle of summer), and a gigantic yard for Noweo to play in. The floor is wood laminate so it looks nice and cleans up easy.
What I am MOST excited about is the 2nd bedroom. Keola and I haven’t had our own room since Noweo was born, and not only will we have our own room, but a full bath and a little balcony too! Yes, we’re having another baby and she will be with us for a while but I think I’m going to start putting her in the kids’ room after a few months. Having 2 kids sharing a room together is comforting because neither will be alone. The one time we did have two bedrooms in Oregon, I had a hard time putting Noweo in her room because I didn’t like her being alone in there.
The only downside to this place is the distance from work, which isn’t THAT far, Keola just won’t be within walking distance but he’s less than 10 minutes away. I know right? BOOHOO. There are so many people with a far worse commute than that. This is offset by the fact that we’re within walking distance to a great park, a block away from the mall, 2 blocks from Target, Walmart, Ross, and a bunch of restaurants, so it works out.
Truthfully, this is a relief for us. Our current place is almost always a mess (I blame Noweo), and since it’s small, it feels more messy than it really is. The living room is her play room, and it shows. Despite all this we fit pretty comfortably, but a new family member would likely put us over the edge, especially when she becomes mobile.
We’re not leaving till June however, which gives me a chance to practice being present at this place though I’m already thinking forward to the move. Yes, it’ll be a big upheaval again, and it’ll mean a mad dash to get things ready for baby (which actually shouldn’t be that bad as I’m a pretty minimal kinda mom), but I can see us settling quite nicely into a space that better fits our family.

busy day

Why is it that some days are mellow and some days are absolutely crazy? That’s how yesterday felt. Tons of errands and Noweo’s annual checkup (she’s doing great.)
I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to do Farmer’s Market this Saturday but I’ve felt blocked as to how to set up my table. Ok. First thing’s first. I NEED a table. Ha! Then I picked up some new toner  for my bone dry printer and voila! Those toner boxes will be PERFECT for displaying my cards. I just have to go pretty them up now. What a relief. Don’t you just love it when the things you need fall right into your lap?
I’m surprisingly excited for Farmer’s Market. The truth is after all our bills are paid we’re BARELY making ends meet so any extra income I can add is great. I’m not sure how well my stuff will sell, but after a few successful First Friday’s I know I’ll at least make a profit. I’m excited to get into a routine of making and selling stuff (strangely I think it’ll calm me down), and I’m looking forward to tweaking and perfecting my booth. Funny, I’m not really afraid the way I was terrified of First Friday. I’m just eager to get out there, meet new people, get feedback, design new things and contribute financially to our family.
I love being good busy.

noweo’s birthday

And now for some horrible blurry photos of Noweo’s birthday in bad lighting. We spent a quiet Saturday having fun doing what she likes to do. That meant zoo, the train at the mall (which I didn’t get any pictures of) and the beach (which didn’t happen until Monday – her real birthday). Saturday night we headed to my parents for chili, hot dogs, some strawberry shortcake (since she LOOOOVES strawberries) and presents. Keola wanted a big(ger) party with more people but guess who would plan it? So we opted for mellow since this birthday is still in the realm of “she’s not even gonna remember this.” Call me lazy. She still had a great time, and thankfully has seemed to grasp the fact that birthdays only happen once in a long time. She hasn’t asked for her “Happy Birthday” since Saturday.

lately I’m…

Recovering from a crazy 3 weeks of funeral planning, including numerous funeral program edits (as unofficial family graphic designer), and slideshow put-togethering and lots and lots of family time with out-of-towners. So glad that things are quieting down after said busy funeral week.
Sad that so many relatives couldn’t stay longer.
Nursing Keola and Noweo who decided to catch colds.
Grateful that I’m not sick yet.
Realizing that even monthly goals may be too long term.
Getting our money in order and figuring out realistic budgets.
Listening (e-v-e-r-y–d-a-y) to Noweo chat excitedly about her birthday. (“I going to zoo, beach and too too twain! And happy birthday cake! And candles! Yay! Yay! Yay!”)
Loving feeling giant rolls and kicks from baby girl…except when my bladder is full. This pregnancy is going by waaaay too fast!
Stuck as to what to put on my walls.
Getting excited for my Farmer’s Market booth this month.
Pouring over Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and bursting into tears every other page. Add that to my “books I must own” list.
Looking forward to French Kids Eat Everything
Getting closer to a decision about where to give birth.
Contemplating some pretty big questions about what’s next. I’ll explain more when I actually have news.