Gender Reveal]
Yup. That’s right! We’re having another girl! And I (not so) secretly wished for a sister for Noweo. I think having a sibling of your same gender is one of the greatest things ever, and I’m so happy Noweo will have the experience of a gal pal. I can’t wait to fill this house with little girl giggles and whispered secrets (along with cat fights and hair pulling, but hey, you take the good with the bad right?)

goodbye, tutu kahea

Last Wednesday I got a call from my mom saying that my step-grandfather was in the hospital. He had been in and out of the hospital for months, battling colon cancer and on the brink of kidney failure. He usually came out in a couple days, but this time they discovered his colon had burst. His health was declining rapidly and it seemed to my mom that his time was near.
From that day on we spent as much time as we could with him in the hospital, and watched as family and friends brought music and memories to his bedside in his final days.
Finally, on Saturday at 12:20, he passed as we sang him out of this world with Aloha ʻOe and Hawaiʻi Aloha.
Kahea Beckley had not been a part of our lives for very long. He met and married my grandmother four years ago. Their marriage brought her to Hilo, for which we were grateful. We had never lived close to our grandma who was always on Oʻahu, and it was awesome to be able to take a drive to see her. As we got to know Kahea, we grew to love him. He made grandma so happy, and she him.
This was the first time I had seen someone pass away, and to me, peaceful deaths that come at the end of a long full life feel a lot like birth. There is a certain hush and awe to see life enter the world, and to see life leave it. I’m honored to have been there.
Aloha ʻoe e Tūtū Kahea

brain dump

IMG_4937IMG_4963IMG_4965IMG_4969IMG_4968IMG_4912Whew! What a crazy few weeks it’s been (and the crazy isn’t over). I know it’s only March but we are rocketing toward the end of the school year and the end of the school year is always busy – especially when your husband works at a school and your mom works at a school and your little baby brother is a senior (sniff).
Keola was in Florida for a week at a conference…and so was my iPhone. Fortunately both made it home safe and sound.
We had some pretty torrential downpours during said Florida week, which meant I was trapped in a box of an apartment with a two year old. We were both going nuts. I don’t know how you single parents do it!
The pregnancy is still going well. I’m starting to look like I’m pregnant and not fat (hooray!). I still get headaches and fatigue (which is partly why I haven’t felt like blogging or being on the computer too much). Zipping my pants is possible but not very comfortable. I feel like this baby is going to be held in by my skin since my abs are kinda pitiful right now. yay stretch marks. I love tuna sandwiches. We (hopefully) find out what we’re having this upcoming Friday. I have to fly to Oʻahu and sit around all day for a measly half an hour of ultrasounding. Fortunately Keola brought home a lot of good books from his trip to keep me occupied. I’m also excited to check out the birthing unit there. I hear amazing things…so amazing that I just might decided to have the baby there.
Noweo’s SOOOO good at going potty. She’s only had 1 accident since our potty training weekend but she’s still uncomfortable with pooping in the potty. For that she asks for her diaper and she does her business in the closet. Maybe I should put the potty in the closet…
I have plans floating around in my head to get the business up and running again. There’s a lot to do and I need to make a list. My head keeps bouncing around with ideas and I really need them to take a number and get in line.
The house is coming together S-L-O-W-L-Y. Moving takes forever when you have to buy everything all over again. I still have more purging to do and I need to get some art on the walls. I’m trying so hard to keep Noweo’s toys from taking over our space but at some point it’ll be impossible to bend down and pick stuff up so I’m gonna have to throw in the towel. You think it’d be easy to maintain a small space but one thing out of place makes it look like chaos. Already I feel like we have too much, but I have been going around and organizing the stuff I threw into cabinets and drawers when we first got here, and that’s adding to the sense of calm.
I made laundry soap for the first time this week and LOVE it! Our clothes don’t smell perfumed or feel waxy or anything. They just feel clean. Yipee! I’m also planning to make more cleaning supplies. Posts coming on all of that…sometime….