6 years in

Today Keola and I celebrate 6 years of marriage, and while that may not seem like much to some of you, I still can’t believe it’s been more than half a decade since we promised to be together forever. And while I think it’s safe to say the honeymoon’s over, our marriage for us has gotten better each year. When I think about my lifetime I find it hard to believe that he wasn’t there for most of it, because he’s all of it now, and I can’t imagine it any other way.
This past year has been the most difficult year so far as we’ve questioned every decision we’ve ever made that brought us to this point. Not very practical, I know, but when life isn’t the way you thought it would be, you tend to do that. But when it comes down to it, it’s ok because though we’ve been stretched a little more and it was unpleasant at times, this year of difficulty has only made us closer and stronger and more in tune with each other than ever before. What we lack temporally, we made up for spiritually. Now looking back, if I had to do it again for my marriage to be what it is today, I would. We’ve always been good together, but this year made us better.

moving on

While I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, I have been a pretty decent writer over the last few weeks as I’ve poured out my thoughts in my journal. It was refreshing to write without an audience and I’ve spent a lot of time hashing out our situation and what to do next. I’ve known the answer for a while now, but was reluctant to talk about it because talking about it makes it more true, and the truth is, I love my life on Maui. I’ve made great social media friends, great in person friends from Church, grown my business, gotten into a routine with our family life, and no matter how crazy it may be, I’m used to it.
But the time has come to move on and opportunities have come up for us in Hilo (not a job…but lots of job applications there, and a free house and car until we find work, not to mention a vibrant Farmer’s Market and infant First Friday – $10 a table! Woot woot). As these opportunities have cropped up, I feel like autumn has crept up on our time on Maui, and just as the changing seasons signal migration to so many in the natural world, everything in our life is telling us that it’s time to move on. Grandma decided to sell her house, our nieces will be moving out soon to live with their mother (who thankfully found a place) and Keola’s hours were cut from 19 – 3. Life for us is no longer sustainable here, and it’s time for us to let go of trying to be the hero and take care of everybody, and look to what’s best for our little family.
I’m sad.
I’m ecstatic.
I’m nervous.
I’m tired.
I’m hopeful.
So over the next few weeks we’ll be cleaning out and having at least one garage sale (details coming soon). And if anyone’s looking for a spacious old charming house (that admittedly needs a little work but still very well maintained) with a big gorgeous back yard with productive mango tree in Kahului at fair market value (we’re doing a short sale) let me know!