what are you reading?

Belle! I actually used to walk around and read because I wanted to be her…
One of my friends invited me to be her friend on Goodreads, and while I accepted, I never did anything with it. Basically it’s a social networking tool for books, where you create a profile, add friends, create lists of books you’d like to read and then review them when you’re done reading. Your friends see your activity and you see theirs. I have a whopping 3 friends, which gives you an idea of how active I am on this site, but I’ve been spending post-bedtime hours tonight compiling my list of 30 books to read this year and putting them on Goodreads. I’m not coming up with them all at once, but I do have about 11 that I currently want to read. I’m gonna keep it flexible.
I’ve listed several books that are now movies…most of them movies I haven’t seen so this make for a really bad movie later on, but I feel like books get neglected after they’re made into movies and they shouldn’t be, so I’m looking forward to digging into my “movie books”.
So what’s book #1? Eat, Pray, Love (because it’s 1 of 2 books that are actually available at my library). I watched the movie, and it was chock full of great quotes and and I’m looking forward to reading through them again.
I’ll be using Goodreads to keep track of my reading progress this year. If you’d like to keep up with me, follow me here.

north shore saturday

Yesterday Keola and I took a break from life, left Noweo with grandma and headed out to Paia and Makawao and pretended to just be boyfriend/girlfriend. It was nice to get away, but I was already tearing up at the sound of a baby laughing during lunch. Speaking of lunch there could be no more perfect place than Flatbread Pizza. I’ve been to Paia plenty times but never to this gem of a pizza place. Keola and I shared a delectable 16″ pizza, half Kalua pig, pineapple, goat cheese and other heavenly cheeses and herbs and sauces and spices, the other half chicken, ranch and bacon. Our waitress told us that all the ingredients are organic, and that their restaurant supports 14 farms on the island! You can’t go wrong when something tastes this good, is good for you, and good for everyone else. WIN! WIN! WIN! This will definitely be on the top of my list of places to eat when heading to Paia.

As we wandered down the road I stumbled upon a little jewelry store with the friendliest store clerk EVER. We chatted for at least 20 minutes before I spied a gorgeous pair of earring made of sea glass. These babies are made by a local family, who collect sea glass, shells and rocks on the beach and turn them into simple, earthy bling. Just my style, and a perfect item for my goal of buying locally made. More details on my purchase in the near future.

The heat from the coast drove us up the mountain to cooler Makawao, which you all know I love. By 3:30 we were heading back down to Kihei where we caught the 4:45 showing of “Warrior.”

Um….WOW. Awesome, awesome movie and you should go see it now. Seriously, I think I cried 4 times.

Currently I’m dying from the aroma of the lemon grilled chicken recipe I’m trying out today. I’m 2 minutes away from sinking my teeth into dinner. Review with pics to come.

All in all, a picture perfect weekend. How was yours?

thank you

On Saturday morning I stood in a line to pay my respects to a fellow wife and mother (who was pregnant by the way) for sacrificing her husband in Afghanistan. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a long time. Until Saturday I had never attended the funeral of someone who died in combat, and I saw first hand the gaping hole it left in the lives of his family, his parents and his grandparents. As I stood in that line dreading the moment I would have to look into those eyes and say something to this grieving family I had never met, I felt a kinship with this new widow, now being a wife and mother myself. I can’t say I know what it feels like to lose my husband, but I know that when you have much, you also have much to lose. When I finally reached them the tears flowed freely and all I could do was express my gratitude to them. Some people willingly risk their lives to protect their country and their families. Others willingly let them do it, knowing what may happen. To those brave men and women and their braves wives and husbands and children, thank you.

moving right along

You can probably guess where I’m going with this. Keola didn’t get the job, but we let it go pretty quickly. So life is messy and muddled and confusing. When you think you did the right thing and things don’t work out, it’s easy to feel angry and lost. A door is closed, but by applying, he’s opened 2 other doors to possible employment. This boss lady REALLY liked Keola, and if it wasn’t for the internal person wanting the job, he would’ve had it. But she knows others who are looking for folks with Keola’s skill set, and she’s passing his name on to them.

In the meantime, Keola’s doing really well with his part-time thing right now, and the pay is decent so we’re able to put money away. He’s also decided to apply for PhD programs (which might mean another jaunt to the mainland…for real this time). This means studying for the GRE (again…I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since the last time he took it.)

I’m designing some exciting new things that I can’t wait to share with you. I’ve decided that I really, REALLY love seeing my digital designs become physical objects, so I’m gearing my shop toward that. My heart is in creating things that are meaningful and beautiful to me, and while it’s fun to design blogs, sometimes it’s hard to muster my passion into a project that I know little about or have little interest in. I mostly did blog designs so I wouldn’t have to worry about packaging or shipping anything, but I see now that convenience will only get you so far.

So we let go and move on and do the best we can. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement here on the blog and on Twitter. You guys are the best! MUAH!