i blog for ME

When I first got into “mom blogging,” I was INSTANTLY overwhelmed by the amount of social networking sites utilized by bloggers, and I thought that in order to be a “happenin'” blogger I had to join AAAALLLLLLLL of them. There was Bloggy Moms, Twitter, TopBabyBlogs,TopMommyBlogs, BlogFrog, and Facebook, to name a few, and they’re all aimed at creating an online community. Every time I signed up for something I had visions of meeting tons of new people and making hundreds of online friends and my blog becoming a hub of conversation and maybe even a money maker. But after several months of tweeting, and wandering around Bloggy Moms and creating a Facebok Page and putting my blog on Top Baby Blogs, (which at the moment I think is ranked 400-something lol) I began to find these venues to be oversaturated, and I must admit that in my desire to be popular, I got lost, and more than a little jealous at other peoples’ success. (If you want to read an EXCELLENTLY FUNNY illustration of this phenomenon, click here when you’re done reading the rest of this post). I had a million acquaintances, and no friends, and quite an intimate relationship with my computer while my REAL relationships (the mister and pupuka baby) had to wait until I finished my tweet or stuck this button into my sidebar.

I felt like I was standing in Times Square in NYC, looking around at the crowd rushing by me and saying “Hmmmm….we’re all in NYC. We have something in common. I should get to know ALL OF YOU so I can call you all my friends,” and then proceeding to rush around and introduce myself to everyone and try to become best friends within 30 seconds while in the meantime, completely ignoring the Empire State Building, Museum of Natural History, The Statue of Liberty and Central Park because I’m so busy trying to create relationships with people who mean nothing to me.

How do you generate a relationship online out of thin air? There are only a few people I’ve done that with, and we were all making Youtube videos to document our pregnancy at the same time, so we’d watch each others’ videos and comment and it was quite comforting to know that there were people out there who were experiencing the same thing as me at the same time as me. And out of that handful of friends, there’s only one I know that blogs regularly, and she is by far my best online friend that I’ve never met in person. To this day, I feel closest to my Youtube friends – maybe because I’ve seen their faces and heard their voices. They seem so real to me.

THAT is what I want on my blog. I should’ve known that I’m NEVER the life of the party, but the most meaningful parts of my life don’t happen at a party. They happen in my family, and in a small circle of close friends. Perhaps one day I’ll have 50 comments on a post, but I want most of them to be from people I know and love who I’ve built a relationship with over time.

In the meantime, I’ve stopped caring about my audience, or my stats, or my ranking on Top Baby Blogs. It’s just TOO much work to gain recognition in the eyes of WHO??? I have no clue! Plus it makes my sidebars look cluttered. So I got rid of ALL OF THAT (except Twitter, but I’m contemplating getting rid of that too, because it’s just not effective for me and I spend way to much time on it). And you know what? I feel so much more inspired to write because I don’t care what you think about what I’m writing. I’m doing it because it makes ME happy. Me. If you like it, feel moved by it, have a connection to it, GREAT. I’d LOVE to hear about it and learn from your experiences…because I still like comments 🙂 and I STILL want to get to know you, but I don’t want to take any shortcuts. I want REAL conversations, REAL opinions, REAL advice, REAL relationships. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

fried bananas

I’ve been searching around the Internet trying to find interesting ways to prepare Nōweo’s meals, 1) because she is becoming more picky, and the things she used to LOVE no longer hold her interest, 2) because I LOVE experimenting and watching her explore the new foods I give her, and 3) because she’s a person dang it and she deserves “the good stuff.”

Here’s some “good stuff” that I stumbled across over at Wholesome Baby Food. It was the easiest recipe and I had all the ingredients: Bananas, and butter (or whatever you want to cook the bananas in, but I think butter tastes the best.) Simply slice in half and fry for 5 minutes on each side in a tablespoon of butter. It’ll form this GORGEOUS caramelization (which you might want to scrape off for baby as it may be a little hard for them to chew) but banana itself will be nice and soft. Serve warm and it’s almost like a sweet banana pudding for your baby, but this is no baby food. I probably enjoyed it more than Nōweo did!

Got any creative and delicious ideas for feeding your baby? Share them below!


Yes. This post IS what you’re thinking it’s about. BABY #2. No it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re not pregnant. Ha!

But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.

Back when (like it was so long ago) Keola and I were thinking about how many kids we wanted, and how we would space them, we thought we would start trying for our second when our first hit a year.

Then I actually HAD a baby, and thought to myself, “Woah. One year is waaaaay too soon. I cannot imagine doing this all over again in just ONE.SHORT.YEAR. I mean, I think I’ve had maybe 2 nights of completely uninterrupted sleep?Actually I think I’ve given up hope that I’ll ever sleep a solid 8 hours ever again. Maaaaybe I’ll get pregnant again in 2 years??? I knew I didn’t want my kids to be too far apart, but now I know that churning out a batch of kids one after the other is MUCH more easily said than done.

But now that Nōweo just hit the 10 month mark, I’m actually starting to get the itch. I LOVE having just one baby. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. She’s amazing in EVERY.WAY.POSSIBLE. I don’t want to break her heart by forcing her to share me with someone else, and it’s so strange to me to think that I’ll love another little person just as much as I love her. I think I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Nōweo because I not only gave birth to her, but she gave birth to me as a mother. We’ve been through a lot together already, and she fits our family like a glove.


About a week ago, I saw this preggo girl (and this wasn’t the first time I’d seen a preggo person since giving birth) but she was just starting to show (maybe about 25 weeks) and she looked so happy and glowing and beautiful and for the first time in 10 months, I actually wanted to be pregnant again.

THEN, I saw one of my girlfriends on Youtube who I met because we were both pregnant at the same time is pregnant again, and I knew it was feasible.

Then I got to meet a beautiful little 2-week old girl that a friend of mine just had. Had Nōweo really been that small and helpless?

I thought back to the thrill of feeling the baby for the first time, hearing the heartbeat, seeing the ultrasound…

I remembered my labor. How beautiful and spiritual it was, how close I felt to my husband, how much respect I gained for my body, how it was the PERFECT way to welcome Nōweo into this world. I know I can recreate that.

And even though it won’t be as easy having Nōweo AND another infant (compared to just having Nōweo when she was an infant) I know that the peace of knowing that our family is that much closer to being complete will compensate for the inevitable chaos.

I’m not saying we’re gonna start trying right when Nōweo hits a year. All I’m saying is that I am getting closer and closer to being physically and mentally prepared for it when I didn’t think I would be.

How about you? Do you have kids? Are you thinking of having more? When did you know you were ready for your next one?

v-day saturday

So Keola and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s day on Saturday. Why? Well Keola actually THOUGHT v-day was ON Saturday, and I thought we’d be less busy on Saturday instead of Monday…
We’re so great at communicating.
So on the eve of v-day eve we headed off to the Pana’ewa Zoo because it’s fun and FREE.
Here are some of our adventures:
CIMG2132 copy
We found a picnic table and chowed down on Subway and Burger King before heading into the zoo.
Once our stomachs were happy we headed off into the zoo…which looks more like a forest…well it is a forest…
We chatted up a butterfly
Watched a tiger catch some zzzzz’s
Caught some donkeys ALSO celebrating v-day
….and a goat who wished he was…
and wait! WHAT IS THAT??!?!?!?!?!?
to be honest, I don’t remember exactly what it’s called, but Noweo was FASCINATED by it.
“Phew! I am so tired I think I’ll dig my nose!”
“What a day! I really don’t feel like posing for this picture…but at this point I don’t have much of a choice now do I?”
How was your Valentine’s day?