dish soap and blockbuster

In case you didn’t read the tweet… Friday afternoon, we were window shopping at Target. Really. We were. WINDOW SHOPPING. I didn’t spend a penny in that store.

In reality I should’ve spent the $1.60 on a bottle of dish soap while we were there but I was too lazy to walk my butt all the way to the cleaning supplies aisle and pick one up since we were already at the front of the store.

“No worries. I’ll get some later,” says my sensitive, sweet, considerate, thoughtful husband. This means that he was going to drop us off at home and go get some later on.

We get in the car. I quickly realize that I didn’t get to enjoy my usual post-stuffing-my-face-on-Turkey-Day coma. My eye lids feel like someone super-glued the inside and I barely hear Keola saying “We’ll just stop at Walmart on the way home.”

“Whaaaaat??????” say my eyes.

“Ok nevermind. I know that look. We’ll go home.”

Later, Keola announces that he’s going out for the dish soap. I breathe a sigh of relief because the dishes are beginning to pile up and that makes me anxious. He slips out into the cold and I think I have the awesomest husband ever.

Forty five minutes later…

Keola walks in the door and has taken (what I think) is way too long, but I was expecting that since Safeway and Blockbuster are right next to each other and Blockbuster’s gravitational pull is just too strong for my movie-junkie husband..even though the movies that are there today are the EXACT SAME MOVIES THAT WERE THERE YESTERDAY. “I don’t understand why you need to look at them ALL OVER AGAIN.”

We sit down to eat dinner, and are having a nice evening…doing what? I don’t remember. I just assume it was nice since that’s how most evenings are around here…

Dinner done, it’s time to tackle the dishes. I ask Keola where the dish soap is. He looks up at me like a little boy who just threw a baseball through the kitchen window and says “I forgot it.”

“What???” That’s the WHOLE reason you went out. WHERE did you go?”

“Walmart. I was looking at the movies.” Walmart is waaaaay far away compared to Safeway.

“Well how did you end up at Blockbuster?”

“I had to turn in a rental so I decided to rent another one.”

“Soooo you went to Walmart, looked at movies, left, went to Blockbuster, (which is right next to Safeway so even if you screwed up at Walmart, you STILL could’ve gotten the dish soap), rented a movie and came home? WHEN did you realize you didn’t have dish soap?”

“When I got home.”

“And you didn’t tell me THEN?”

“No…sooooorrrrryyyyy….” Droopy face. Kisses. Hugs. Laughs. Dirty dishes. Movie night. Love. What else can you do?

Moral of the story: When you’re at the front of the store and realize that you need dish soap, get some exercise, walk your lazy self over to aisle seven and pick some up. Geez.