5 minutes in vegas

Now that I’ve FINALLY been to Vegas, it can now be said that every citizen of Hawai’i has been there.
No joke.
EVERYONE from Hawai’i has been there.
Except for me.
Granted, all I was able to do was drive down the strip because we had to be in Utah by nightfall, so here’s some of what I was able to capture of Las Vegas through the window of a moving van.
Not bad I think.
Maybe next time I’ll actually be able to get out of the car.


Well, it’s official. We’re moving to Oregon!

Keola landed a job at a university which will not be named for anonymity’s sake.

Hopefully you can’t tell where we’re going from the pic.

We prayed so hard for this, but when we got it, we were instantly torn.

torn between


the excitement of being in a new place

meeting new people

traveling around the mainland (because let’s face it. when you live on an island, you can drive in the same direction and end up where you started and the longest road trip you can take will last you 5 hours.)

oh, and did I mention having a steady paycheck…


our beloved family

and beloved Hawaiʻi

and teaching our daughter to love and know her family

and Hawaiʻi.


We prayed.

and prayed.

and thought.

and prayed.

AND came to the conclusion that

1) We don’t have to live there forever

2) We can grow more educationally and career-wise there than we can here.

3) It’s a roof over our heads and food on the table. In this economy, you can’t just go around throwing away jobs.

unless you’re rich, in which case we wouldn’t be working a regular 9-5 job.

So while parting is more sorrowful than sweet, becoming Oregonians (or Oregonites?)

is what’s best for our family at the moment.

And while I’d rather not get on a plane for another 10 years or so,

if it takes us to our future, I’m all packed and ready to go!

p.s. I’m now wireless! HALLELUJAH!