baby wearing weirdo

A couple Saturdays ago we decided to seek shelter from the sweltering heat at the mall. Keola hadn’t cut his hair in months and he was starting to look like Shaggy in Scoobydoo, so it was time for some snip-snip. Since we’re moving soon, we decided that we’d rather carry her than buy one of those bulky and expensive travel systems (we don’t even have an infant carseat anyway) until we get to wherever it is we’re going.

So I carry Nōweo in my Sleepy Wrap and Keola carries her in his Baby Bjorn (which she is unfortunately almost too fat for). I must say though, that since giving birth I rarely see people wearing their babies and I have NEVER seen another soul wearing a wrap.

Anyway, back to the mall. You know how you can tell when people are looking at you without having to look at them? Well we were drawing stares from EVERYONE. Some people talked about us loud enough to hear: “Hey look at that kid. She looks like she’s sitting in a kangaroo pouch.” I pretend not to notice.

After a while of walking around, Keola says “Have you noticed how many people are staring at us?” I nod and tell him I just ignore everyone because whether they’re smiling or puzzling over what the heck that is, I don’t appreciate being gawked at.

I think baby wearing for the most part is quite convenient. I don’t need to struggle to maneuver a big travel system, my hands are free (how many people do you see pushing an empty stroller while their arms are full of baby?), I can go ANYWHERE with her (stairs, rough terrain, etc.) I don’t need to bring along an extra blanket because she’s basically swaddled in the wrap, and I can just leave it on and take her out and put her in as I please. I can easily change her position to make her more confortable, and she has a birds’ eye view of everything I’m seeing.

There are some drawbacks however, the first being that this thing looks absolutely ridiculous when your baby isn’t in it, it’s hard to eat while wearing your baby (yeah…I’ve dropped food in her hair on more than one occasion), and it really does feel like you’re pregnant again so you have to make sure you don’t accidentally run into things and bump your baby.

Still, I prefer the feeling of my little one snuggled up against me sleeping or exploring the word from 4 feet off the ground. I like instantly knowing that she’s ok. We all like to be out and about, and there are tons of options for getting baby from point A to point B and everywhere in between. For the time being, wearing my baby in her Sleepy Wrap is my baby-transporting-gizmo of choice, despite the fact that people look at me like I’m wearing a ball gown at the beach. How do you like to get your little bambino around?

oʻahu love

I have always loved this island for as long as I can remember. I love the mountains, the ocean, the breeze, the city, the country 
Growing up, we ALWAYS came here to visit family. We came for Summer, Spring Break, Christmas…whenever we could.
When I graduated from high school I came here for college.
Those were some of the best years EVER.
I made life-long friends from just about every corner of the world.
And of course, I met and married mine-truly
Since this place is so important to both Keola and I, we knew we had to bring Nōweo to meet her aunties, uncles and cousins, and to introduce her to the place where we became a family.
As you can imagine, I didn’t get to hold her very much.

but I still managed to get some time in
We introduced her to the beach, but not the water…there were jellyfish and it was REALLY sunny.
Six days was waaaaaay too short, but we’ll always make it back there, to our first home
no matter where we go.


Well, so much for my goal to post at least once a day. We’re back from vacation now, but it doesn’t mean life is back to normal. In fact, I feel quite like doing this:
or this

and Keola and I usually look like this:
Because we’re moving.
Where to? I HAVE NO IDEA.
Okay not Zimbabwe…but that’s how much we don’t know where we’re going.
Here’s what I know.
We’re going to be Utah in August for my sisters’ wedding.
By the time we leave (in about a month), we may not know about a job Keola applied to in Oregon.
So do we buy a return ticket?
Or do we just camp out with family on the mainland and wait for word?
What do we do with all our stuff?
Do you know how much it costs to fly from Hawaii to the Mainland? TWICE?
More than I want to afford. TWICE.
So I’m packing up…to move…somewhere…
so…I think I’m justified in doing this:

and maybe a little of this:
oh wait…my hair’s falling out on its’ own. nevermind.
So if I’m a tad MIA, you know why.

i’d be lying if i wasn’t just a teensy bit sad

So we’re on vacation on O’ahu – the first time Nōweo’s been on a plane. She did REALLY well, but that’s not what this post is about.
This post is about me needing Nōweo more than she needs me. My uncle and aunty put together a cradle they no longer needed so she would have a place to sleep. Not wanting all their hard work to go to naught, I put Nōweo to sleep in the cradle thinking to myself that she would whine and fuss and not be able to sleep unless she was in bed with me. I wanted her to need me to comfort her and tell her that she was safe in this strange new place.
Well, I was wrong. She slept like a rock and only woke up once all night. That doesn’t mean I got a good night’s sleep. I was a wreck getting up all night to check on her and make sure she was ok without me. Of course she was fine. Another parent might’ve been thrilled with these results. Not me.
Sometimes it’s easy to think that our children can’t live without us and that we have to do everything for them and it’s such a chore, but I think they do more for us than we realize. When they fall asleep on you, it means they trust you. When they smile at you, it means they love you. When they reach out to you it means they need you. By needing us our children help us develop what it takes to be the best parent for them, and the best person we could possibly be. I’m happy I get to feed my girl, rock her to sleep, comfort her when she’s scared. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when she needs me, so I wasn’t happy when she went straight into that cradle without so much as a peep of protest.
I don’t want to watch something that was once a part of me grow and detach and become independent and leave.
I have no choice though. That’s what my job is: to teach my children how to NOT NEED ME, and THEN, be OK with it. I shudder at the thought. So for now, I think only of this:


Mondays are laundry day.
Usually I wash and dry a load, and fold it while I wash and dry the next load.
I do 3 loads: Lights, darks, and baby.
Yesterday however, I decided to wash and dry EVERYTHING before I started folding.
Here is the end result:
A GIGANTIC pile of clothes. YAY.
I just COULDN’T pass up this photo op:

She quickly got tired of lying on a pile of lumpy clothes.
So Nōweo and I folded, and folded, and you guessed it…folded.
Well, it was mostly me. She helped a little.
And I sang her “Three Little Birds.” Because it’s true.
She smiled.
Then cried because she wanted me to hold her. And I obliged
See? Happy again 🙂
That night, we headed over to the grandparents’s to celebrate my Mom’s 25th birthday for the 20-something time.
I framed this picture of her and Nōweo. It was the first time she held her after we got back from the hospital.
(She held her at the hospital but I didn’t get a picture)
And she would probably be very upset if she saw that I posted this picture of her blowing out the candles,
but she doesn’t read my blog so I can do whatever the heck I want.
And even if she did read my blog, I would still post it.
So if you ever read this Mom, no I’m not taking this picture down.
Good times 🙂

a bedsharing tip

When we first came home and had Nōweo in bed with us, we suffered a string of messy accidents where we were constantly washing our bedding. I won’t go into any detail here. Needless to say it was a pain. It was taking the joy out of sharing our bed with our little one and I didn’t want each night to be filled with the anxiety of what mess I’d have to clean up next. So this is what we did to combat the problem: 1) Get a mattress protector. We had one already but it’s worth mentioning. I think ours costed $11 at Walmart
2) Take a good sized fairly thick baby blanket and fold it in half. Place it wherever baby is going to sleep. Lie baby on top of blanket. Ours takes up about 1/3 of our queen sized bed. The thickness should be enough to keep any diaper leaks from reaching your bedding – unless it’s an outright disaster.
3) Get a burp cloth or two and place it under baby’s head to catch spit up and drool.
My baby sleeps under the covers with us, so when I make the bed in the morning (if I make the bed in the morning,) and assuming her blanket is clean, I simply replace the old burp cloth with a fresh one and pull the comforter over her blanket. At night I turn down the covers and her little sleep area is ready to go.
During the daytime, I do the same thing with a different blanket on top of the covers in case she ends up napping on the bed.
It works great because if she makes a midnight mess all I have to do is grab a new blanket and burp cloth and wash the soiled one with the next load. It saves me time and the fuss of doing an extra load to wash our bedding. Easy!

daddy’s little girl

Every morning Keola wakes up and has a little father-daughter time with Nōweo. I love listening to him talk to her, ask her how she slept and tell her how much he loves her. She seems to know exactly what he’s saying. She smiles the most for him.


i like sherpa

I need to write more posts about cloth diapers, so if you’re not into cloth diapering, I won’t be mad if you skip this post. Either that, or read it. You might find it interesting and decide to give cloth diapering a try. Since I started trying to sew my own cloth diapers, I’ve only used synthetic materials:
Jersey Pique
These are man-made, not produced from any plant or animal-based fiber. I cannot begin to tell you the troubles I’ve had with most of them. But I will, in another post.
A few weeks ago, I decided to order a 20×20 cut of sherpa from for $3, which is usually 80% cotton, 20% polyester as a backing to give the cotton more stability.
What I noticed right off the bat was how soft and lovely it was. It FEELS organic. Not organic in the sense that it was made with organic cotton, but that it’s from the earth. It felt REAL, like it was just sheered from a sheep or something (even though it’s cotton). The poly backing is nice. It feels solid, but is stretchy with a lot of give. It does a great job of holding the fibers together.
So, I used some sherpa to make a soaker for an AIO (all-in-one) and honestly have no idea how it’s doing in that AIO since it’s sandwiched between the inner fabric and some microfiber.
Today however, I used a rectangle (folded up to create several layers) of it for a pocket diaper I made, so when I changed Nōweo and removed the insert, I could see just how much it soaked up. It was really heavy, so that tells me it caught quite a bit. One half of it was soaked (the half that covered her bottom) and the other half was wet, but not soaked (the half that covered her front). That’s mostly because she was cradled in my arms while she was wearing the diaper. So as a soaker, I’m pretty impressed. I think it would work well if topped with a fabric that spread liquid over it’s surface quickly, so the wetness would even out through the whole soaker, instead of being isolated in one area, therefore making it more effective. That means the topper would have to absorb more quickly as well.
I’d like to try sherpa has an inner, but not quite sure if it would absorb quickly enough to prevent leaks.
What I REALLY like sherpa for is for burp cloths, and subsequently cloth wipes. It has a wooly texture with raised fibers that are hard to describe, but that makes it PERFECT for grabbing on to spit and poo and HOLDING it. I have about a million pre-fold burp cloths – the kind made from birds eye and it’s ok, but sometimes I think it’s a little rough on the face, especially for chronic drooling and spit-up, and it doesn’t take long before it feels soaked. But I was able to combat a milky volcanic disaster one day with a scrap of sherpa that grabbed EVERYTHING and held it within its’ fluffy fibers. Maybe I’ll try backing it with PUL to make a water-proof burp cloth. Don’t you hate it when you put the dirty side of the burp cloth against you? The PUL would keep your clothes clean…hmmm….an idea worth looking into.
In short, I think sherpa is gonna be my new go-to cloth wipe. It’s softer and more flexible than flannel, and I HATE using baby washcloths. I think those things are the most useless “cloth wipes” ever. That’s just my opinion. Anyway, back to sherpa. It’s one of my new favorite CD (cloth diapering) fabrics. Try it. You’ll love it!

there’s nothing better

Picture 1

one morning she looked straight at me and smiled.
it felt like she saw into my soul and loved every bit of me.
i looked at her, smiled back and told her i loved her over and over.
it made her smile bigger.
i spent the rest of the day trying to get her to smile some more.