20 wEeK uLtRaSoUnD uPdAtE

I thought it was gonna be a boy and Keola didn’t have an opinion, but we’re very happy to be having a girl and already have part of her name picked out (besides Birano). Her name is going to start with Nōweo. It means bright or shiny in Hawaiian. As soon as we found out we were pregnant I found this word and fell in love with it. I could not think of any other name (boy or girl) and I know that if we had a girl that would be her name. I told Keola about it after the ultrasound and he really loved it. I do need to add more to her name to complete the meaning (so it’ll be Nōweosomethingsomethingsomething), and then we’ll also give her a Japanese name. But for now, we call her Nōweo and it really helps us bond with her. She moves quite frequently now and kicks quite furiously for a 21 week old fetus and I love it. Keola’s also been able to feel her moving. To have all of this good news right around Thanksgiving makes the holiday even more poignant for us. She is already the brightest part of our lives and we can’t wait to meet her!
p.s. Click here to see the rest of the ultrasound pics! xoxo

gIvInG tHaNkS

This year there we have been blessed with so much! Where do I start? Keola and I have reached 3 years of a deliriously happy marriage, we were able to find a nice place close to campus so we could easily walk to school, he finished his first year in the counseling psych program successfully at UHH with a 4.0, we’ve been given the awesome calling of working with the YSA in our ward, Keola was able to stand in his best friend’s wedding line and watch him marry an AMAZING girl, and a couple weeks later we find out that we’re gonna be parents! A couple weeks after that, we find out that BOTH of our tuitions are fully covered, and ON TOP OF THAT, he received a $15,000 scholarship and several smaller scholarships for this year. I suspect he’ll finish this semester with a 4.0 as well, although that remains to be seen. He has had great classmates, great internships, and great faculty to work with. This is his last semester of classes. Next semester, he is going to focus solely on getting the 300 hours of internship required to graduate. Yes. GRADUATE May 15!

As I reflect on all of these things, especially in the latter half of this year, I can’t help but marvel at the timing of it all. We’ve been in grad school for two years now, and never have we received the kind of financial aid that we did this year. The only difference this year is that we are welcoming a child into the world. I cannot help but think that we are receiving divine aid as we prepare for the journey of parenthood. I have often heard that parents receive special help from Heavenly Father because children are so precious to Him. I cannot help but feel that now. I know that although this is a scary step to take, Keola and I are not alone. We are truly blessed!

tOo eArLy fOr ChRiStMaS??

So if you’re reading this you’ve seen my Christmas themed blog background. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes thinking that it’s too early for Christmas stuff. I am certainly usually the first the criticize the commercialization of Christmas, especially when I walk into Walmart and see Christmas stuff before Halloween, but this year…

a DaY wItH a CoOl oLd LaDy

One bright sunny day this past summer, we decided to take Grandma out for a trip to Lahaina.

Went to lush and looked at lotion that looked more like food…I was surprised and delighted. if you live on O’ahu it’s at ala moana by the foodcourt. Check it out. it’s one of my fav places and I am so jealous of you!) Their stuff ROCKS! especially the bath bombs. seriously. your skin has never felt so soft!
….then we went to a burger joint for lunch. Seriously. whose mouth is THAT big?
…guess that answers that question! (just joking…that was my onion ring burger, but I’ve never seen grandma open her mouth that wide before)

Hello everyone. I’ll now be adding to the content of this blog so that you can have a better perspective on our family. Through the eyes of a Martian (men are from mars). Hopefully through reading my blog you may gain a better perspective on Martians such as I. I know my wife is still trying to figure me out. Martian out.


Hey everbody! Sorry I’ve kind of dropped of the face of the planet. I’ve just been SOOOOO busy lately with school and when I’m not busy with school, I’m busy being tired and hungry 🙂 Plus I’ve been doing weekly youtube video blogs, so it’s kinda pointless to say the same thing over again so check those out for updates.

BUT, I do have a fun bit of news that merits its’ own blog entry. This morning, as I was just waking up, Twix decided to give me a nice little “good morning mom” by kicking so hard that I could feel it on the OUTSIDE 🙂 This is a milestone that all mommies can’t wait for – the moment where daddy can also feel the baby moving. I’ve been feeling Twix for a couple weeks now, here and there, but NEVER from the outside. I put my hand where Twix was kicking and hoped for another kick. I got no less than 3 kicks that went right into my hand!!! I was so excited I freaked and shook Keola awake. He thought something was wrong but I just said “Hurry up! Feel my belly!” So I put his hand where I felt the kicks coming from but I think I freaked out so much that I scared Twix away because Keola didn’t feel a thing. I don’t think I’ll be feeling Twix that strongly again anytime soon. It was probably a really rare moment, but it won’t be long before I’ll be complaining about getting kicked in the ribs. Half way mark next week baby! Stay tuned for 20 week ultrasound pics!