Ok so i realized I posted the wrong link to my iweb site which is no corrected, and in case you don’t want to scroll down, it’s right here:

iWeB wEbSiTe

Ok so I decided to do a trial period of mobileme which has some cool features I forgot about. For example, it keeps my calendars, contacts and internet bookmarks in sync with my ipod touch, my mac, and the internet…so that’s another benefit of the subscription that let’s me create this cool website. So I was fooling around and decided to build a website and put my blog there. Check it out here: . I have a 2 month trial, so we’ll see in the end if I decide to keep it or not.

RaNdoM mIdNiGhT tHoUgTs

> So it's about 1:00am and I can't sleep because I fell asleep around
> 9:30 and then Keola woke me up when he came to bed so I'm just
> sitting here twiddling my thumbs wondering what I could do that
> might make me fall asleep. so I decided to blog from my iPod since
> I'm too lazy to lug out the computer. this entry's probably gonna be
> boring for you all because it's late and I just feel like venting
> about a few things.
> first of all, I have a stye! you know that ugly, swollen mosquito
> bite looking thing that you sometimes get on your eye lid? yeah. I
> could feel that my eye was a little tender this morning and it
> stayed small all day at school (luckily) but when I got home for
> some reason it just exploded. I hope it doesn't last too long. at
> least it's the weekend and I'm married so I don't have to impress
> anyone. I love being ugly and still being loved.
> so I'm contemplating creating my own website and moving my blog
> there. I know there aren't many of you who read this thing, but one
> of the benefits of blogger is that we're all connected online and
> can find each other. the only reason I want to move my blog is
> because a friend of mine gave me a free copy if ilife '09. If you
> don't use a mac, you're missing out on iLife's awesome features.
> It's basically a suite of software that manages all your multi-media
> stuff for example, iPhoto (manages your photo collection by events,
> places, and faces.) it actually detects faces, you put a name to the
> face and then it recognizes that person in other pictures. so if i
> wanted to find all the pictures of say…my neice Anela, I just go
> to faces and click on her face and all the pictures I tagged as her
> will appear. WONDERFUL!
> so anyway, iLife has another application called iWeb that allows you
> to create awesome looking websites and I really love it because it
> looks AMAZING and it's EASY. adding pics and movies is as simple a
> drag and drop. plus I don't have to be online to blog. the only
> thing is that it costs money to launch it. If you know me well, you
> know I don't like to spend money. I'm debating to see if it would be
> worth my while. The biggest perk is online storage but that's about
> it…if I really knew a lot of people were gonna look at it then
> maybe… what do you guys think?
> anyway, it's been fun rambling. thanks for humoring me and reading
> this far. night night sleep tight!

drab to fab

If you’re a poor apartment dweller like me, you live in a bland white box with blinds. Ugghhh! 🙁 I watch too much HGTV to allow myself to live in such a dull place. Of course, we’re also on a budget, so there’s not a whole lot we can do to spruce the place up. The place we’re living now is SOOO MUCH NICER than an any other apartment we’ve had in Hawai’i.

Minus the happy football player (I got this jersey for Keola on our first christmas together after we got married) this is pretty much what our first apartment looked like. It was a small matchbox of a place and boy was it GHETTO! Seriously…nowhere to go but up

Well, we moved up in the world – up to Provo, Utah to be exact, where we enjoyed such simple things like carpet, a stove and oven, a dishwasher (never had that EVER in my whole life. We didn’t even know how to use it) and a living room. We thought we were living the high life in our one-bedroom apartment. Here’s what it looked like on a messy day…(unfortunately that’s the only picture I have of it)

Then we moved to what we affectionately call “The Cave” in Hilo. It was partially underground…sort of. Anyway, it was always dark in there because light just couldn’t get in. So we were freezing our butts off for the 7 months that we lived there. Apparently I have pics of everything BUT the living room. Hmmm…

and put it on the back of my bookshelf so it looked like this:

Then I did the whole thing to my other shelf, but you get the idea. Now every time I look at my shelves, I’m just happy. Sure Keola didn’t catch my vision, but even he admits it looks better now.