bad hair days update

Yesterday I FINALLY got the hair I love! My aunty (who lives in Utah) flew over for Grandma’s wedding bearing gifts of my favorite hair serum which I mentioned in an earlier blog. I was so happy! As soon as I could I straightened my hair, which made it look great, but my hair had gotten too long and damaged. Time for a trim. Thus I went to my local Mastercuts

Those of you who suffer from poofy hair syndrome can definitely understand my sheer joy at finally having a style I don’t have to worry about. EEEEE!

driving to winter

On Tuesday, while our family was still visiting from Grandma’s wedding weekend, we decided to take a drive up to Mauna Kea. This was a PERFECT excuse to wear my winter clothes, which interestingly enough I had been missing. There is nothing MORE fun than dressing up in winter clothes. We didn’t make it up to the snow because it was too high, but it was still PLENTY cold. My poor cousins were FREEZING, but I was nice and toasty thanks to our winter experiences in Utah last year.
Here’s me and Aunty Melissa. Note my cute toasty jacket that Keola got me for Christmas last year. It was on sale at the Gap. He has good taste when it comes to buying me stuff.

I forgot how spectacular the drive up to Mauna Kea is. Of course, this is Mauna Loa taken FROM Mauna Kea. Naturally, I didn’t actually get pics of Mauna Kea….

pop corn popping (attempt #1)

Since Keola and I have been married, one of our favorite activities is just crashing on the couch with a good movie and some kettlecorn. When first got married, Costco sold these HUGE boxes of kettlecorn and we had a seemingly endless supply of the sweet treat. HOWEVER, somebody from the kettlecorn-making company decided not to sell them in bulk anymore, and lately (to our dismay) kettlecorn has become harder and harder to find. Thus last night, I went online to see if there was a way we could make kettlecorn at home. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make, although we haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. So this is what we did (btw, this is OLD SCHOOL pop corn popping…it’s actually super fun and WAY cheaper than buying microwave popcorn):
1) Melt some oil and butter in a pot
2) Put the kernels in, just enough to cover the bottom of the pot in one layer and start shaking the pot continuously to keep the kernels from burning.
3) Put the cover on the pot: VERY IMPORTANT. You don’t want the popcorn to go flying everywhere, which it will if you don’t put the cover on
4) When it starts to smell like popcorn but before the kernels start popping, sprinkle in 1/4 cup of sugar.
5) The kernels will start to pop. Keep shaking the pot continuously until you don’t hear anymore popping.
6) Quickly empty the contents into a bowl, wait for it to cool and enjoy!
*Note* This didn’t turn out exactly the way we planed. The kernels weren’t evenly coated with sugar, and we left it on the stove just a tad too long. Tonight we’ll try to add the sugar at the same time we melt the oil and butter. That way each kernel will get the sugar coating it deserves. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our homemade kettle corn and Hollywood made movie!

trash fashion

This one’s for the artist formerly known as Kaili K. Auna. We totally should’ve got a patent. I took this pic a Big Island Candies of all places. The place was covered in weird wire mannequins with ribbons tied to them. Totally glorified junk! We could’ve been rich…maybe…

wedding weekend

Wow I’ve been soooo lazy to blog but so much stuff has happened this weekend I figure I have a lot of material so why not? This weekend my grandma got married in Kona, so we drove down and stayed in a hotel Friday night, picked up the family flying in from Laie on Saturday morning and went to the wedding at this super nice place called the Kona Village resort for grandma’s wedding. After that it was PLAY PLAY PLAY! Here are some pics of our activities:

Me and Aunty Kylie before the wedding

Me and Brandon in the jacuzzi
Kona sunset

bad hair days

I have been DYING to cut and flat iron my hair for the longest time, but for some reason, my hair is thinning out so I’m scared to do anything extreme to it. I’ve been “natural” for several months now (pretty much ever since we left Utah because let’s face it – humidity is a style killer) and there is only ONE product I trust to straighten my hair. It’s called Beyond the Zone Turn up the Heat. I discovered this at Sally’s in Utah. It’s SUPER cheap – like $6 and it works WONDERS on my hair. Problem is, there is no Sally’s in Hawaii and as far as I know, no other salons in Hawaii carry it, and if I wanted to order it online, shipping is a whopping $15!!! That totally ruins my excitement over the cheap $6 price and the Pākē in me comes out. I refuse to pay that much even to have the hair style I love. If anyone sees this in the islands, PLEASE let me know so I can pick some up and safely revert back to my sleeker self.

sugar n spice

So all my little cousins are starting to call me aunty (a name I despise because I’m NOT actually their aunty…I’m just old). BUT I am aunty to two cutie patooties named Hi’ilei and Anela. They are the only ones who have dibbs on “Aunty”

~so photogenic~


One of the things I secretly like about geography is the music our teach plays at the beginning o class. Some of it is weird, but this Brazilian chica is a gem! I don’t know if it’s Brazilians, or if Portuguese is just a melodic language, but I can’t get enough of it!