about SoPupuka

SoPupuka is a Hawai’i inspired happiness brand, dedicated to sharing simple, joyful thoughts that reflect our Hawaiʻi lifestyle and bring out our best.

SoPupuka started out in 2010 as a personal blog. I was obsessed with tweaking and changing the design, and slowly I started to gain some real design skills.

Eventually I thought I’d try designing and selling stuff, and my notecards were born. Decals followed shortly after. That was fun, but I wanted to try my hand at clothing and in October of 2014 I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for heat presses to make shirts and hats.

It’s been a long, windy road to get to this point. We now have three adorable little girls and a business to grow but we love every minute of it. Nearly everything is printed in house (and by “in house” I mean “in MY house”) by me between diaper changes, laundry, homework and grocery shopping. Life is crazy, but it brings a smile to my face to see people resonate with my creations.

Your support means everything to my family and I, and we look forward to continuing our journey! Aloha, Joelle ʻIhilani Birano The one-woman show behind SoPupuka